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Externship Program

CCMS Externship

CCMS is committed to serving our community and externs will be a part of this commitment. CCMS offers a 10-month or 12-month externship during the regular academic year that is focused on providing supportive training opportunities for students. 


CCMS also offers a summer practicum/internship for students for the months of July/August. This position parallels the details of the 10-12 month commitment except for the following: Summer externs/interns work all daytime hours (no evenings) and do not conduct assessments.  Application dates same as for 10-12 month rotation.


   What does the CCMS Externship include?

  • CCMS provides supervised training in individual and group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults in a community mental health setting.

  • Externs will play an active role in other CCMS programs, such as our afterschool Enrichment Program and Therapeutic Summer Wellness Program. 

  • Externs will participate in community outreach activities and events.

  • There are also opportunities for school-based interventions with elementary-aged children and high school adolescents, and exposure to adjudicated youth through the Multi Systemic Treatment program, and experience with substance use treatments

  • The externship experience at CCMS is primarily therapy, although doctoral students will be required to conduct comprehensive batteries, including projective testing and the Rorschach.

When does the Externship begin?

  • 10-month academic year, with rotations starting in Spring, Summer, and Fall; this can be extended to a three semester, one year experience.

  • ​*Option to extend academic year is available.

How many positions are offered?

  • We offer 10-12 positions per 10-month academic year

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