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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

CCMS' Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is a voluntary service. Our PRP services are unique in that, unlike standard PRP services which only offer community based support, we offer onsite services for those youth who are exhibiting high risk behaviors and are at risk for involvement with both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. In addition, community based services for children and adults, who need therapeutic supports and meet the eligibility requirements, are offered on-site and offsite.

Wellness Targets (Areas of Focus) include:

  • Living Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Self-care                                                   

  • Communication                                           

  • Coping Skills                                                   

  • Self-Efficacy                                                   

  • Self Esteem                                                     

  • Substance Use (Teens and Adults)                 

  • Finance/Budgeting  (Teens and Adults)

  • Medication Management         

  • Understanding Your Diagnosis

  • Problem Solving

  • Academic Support

  • Stress Management

  • Behavioral Management/Support

  • Employment (Teens and Adults)

Program Model for Minors

- allows for minors to attend onsite activities and groups, as well as attend therapy appointments. Our Wellness series utilize film and other alternative media to support the rehabilitative interventions designed to help clients reach their goals.

General themes covered during onsite group participation are:

  • Happiness: What does that mean to me?

  • Frustration Tolerance

  • Recognizing Emotions

  • Socialization Skills Teamwork

  • Self Esteem Building

  • Calming Strategies

  • Resilience

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Personal Boundaries

  • Thankfulness

  • Conflict Resolution

Big Brother Soccer

Adult PRP & Community Support

CCMS has established rehabilitation services to support people with severe mental illness. We work diligently to ensure that the participants engage in therapy and other support services as they work toward recovery and independence. We work with clients to develop goals, improve daily living skills, maintain optimal mental health functioning, improve independence, and integrate them into the community. Rehabilitation staff will visit the individual onsite or at an off-site location in the community chosen by the individual that is convenient for their schedule.


We assist clients with (but not limited to):

  1. Applying for benefits and entitlements

  2. Exploring Housing Options

  3. Medication Management

  4. Transportation

  5. Money Management

  6. Coordination of Somatic Care

  7. Socialization Activities

  8. Daily Living Skills

  9. Access and referrals to other services

  10. Advocacy

  11. Self-Care

Insurances Accepted:

  • Primarily Maryland Medicaid (MA)

  • Some private insurances * Call office to find out if your insurance is accepted

   *Self-Pay Rates also available - Call for more information

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