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Substance Use Treatment Program

CCMS recognizes the social, emotional and psychological impact of substance use. We understand that substance use can affect an individual’s the entire life, including, but not limited to, familial relationships, work performance, and community interactions. Specifically with adolescents, significant substance use may exacerbate behavioral challenges such as truancy, problems with authority, school performance and/or overall motivation.

Evidence-Based Treatment Approach

CCMS utilizes a holistic, systems treatment approach that includes individual and family education, collaboration with schools, courts and other agencies regarding an individual’s substance-related issues. Through individual and group therapy, CCMS counselors target topics including, but not limited to, drug education, relapse prevention, and life skills. Evidenced-based treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing are used to facilitate the process of establishing and maintaining sobriety, and acquiring overall health.

SUT Program Goals & Objectives

  • Improve education, insight and overall understanding of the relapse process

  • Enhance overall emotional and stress tolerance to prevent relapse

  • Gain overall coping skills to appropriately manage environmental and community-based triggers

  • Strengthen overall community engagement and positive social supports in order to reduce recidivism

  • Develop positive outlook regarding academic success and overall performance

  • Increase overall feelings of self-efficacy, self-worth and self-esteem

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